How did it all start for you?

I was a big rally fan for quite a while before actually competing. I then had the opportunity to co-drive at the Sibiu Rally Challenge back in 2014 and I absolutely loved it. I was hooked! The following year I did a full season with a Suzuki Swift and kept competing on and off ever since then.



What is the most difficult thing about being a rally co-driver?

The activity of a co-driver covers a big part of the aspects of a race, and everything must be remembered and cleverly combined for an efficient outcome. From the pre-event organization, to the event administrative role, time-keeping, pace-note reading, navigating, even helping in technical decisions, a good co-driver must be agile, flexible and always alert. It's not necessarily difficult, but it's a challenge!

If you weren’t a rally co-driver, what would you be doing?

The possibilities are endless! I never thought I would be a co-driver but, here I am. I think I would have focused more on travelling, discovering amazing places that are less popular, getting adventurous.



What is the best/worst road car you have ever driven?

I don't have a best/worst car rank, I have driven many different “normal” road cars but none can come to mind as being the best. I would, however, love to try a real sports car for once, I bet that one of those would make it to the top. ☺

On the other hand, I've had some funny experiences with small, low power cars... you know, the ones that make you wonder whether you'll make it up the hill. They're not bad and have great advantages but you just have to be patient, especially if you love power.

What would your ideal sandwich have on it?

I love Caprese sandwiches: fresh mozzarella, pesto sauce, fresh or sun-dried tomatoes…



What car(s) do you own now and what’s your daily driver?

My baby is a Honda Civic that I absolutely love. She has a 2.2l Diesel (140hp) engine that just loves to sprint. It fits my style perfectly! She's my daily driver, all my friends can confirm that I rarely leave her home.

Favorite car of all time?

I don't have a favorite car. I usually choose short-time favorites depending on my needs and my mood.




Do you have any points on your driver’s license?

Had... but they're gone now, all good again!

RWD, AWD or FWD and why?

I would go for AWD! I haven't had that much experience with it, but I did enjoy it, so I'll go with that choice.



If you could be someone else for a day (dead or alive) who would you be?

It would be amazing to have the chance to be the co-driver of Michele Mouton in a group B rally car, not as someone else, but as myself.


Thank you Diana for agreeing to take part in our 10 Questions Series, we really appreciate it!

If you want to follow Diana's racing career, you can do so here.

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